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Wednesday, June 24, 2015


June 25, 2015

88 Drive-In Theatre Seeks City Council Candidates

Commerce City, CO -  The 88 Drive-In Theatre, a Commerce City landmark for almost half a century, stands with the rank and file police officers of the Commerce City Police Department. By an overwhelming margin of 67-3, the sworn officers of the CCPD voted they have "lost all faith, trust and confidence" in Chief of Police Troy Smith.

One rarely sees such astronomical election results outside of North Korea. The City Council of Commerce City must act in response to this embarrassment. The City Council must replace Troy Smith.

"We have experienced first-hand the overbearing, dictatorial management style of Chief Smith," Susan Kochevar, the owner of the 88 Drive-In Theatre said. "The man, on official city letterhead, threatened to shut us down if we did not adopt his business suggestions. It was absurd. It is no wonder the hardworking, sworn officers of Commerce City have no faith, trust, or confidence in him. We are disappointed to see the City Council and City Manager are not taking action. We are recruiting candidates for City Council who will refuse to let this great city's police force deteriorate further. If you are interested in running please send us a private message through the drive-in Facebook page."

88 Drive In Theatre,  8780 Rosemary Street, Commerce City, CO 80022
Contact David K. Williams, 303-588-2731, 2865 S. Colo. Blvd #250, Denver, CO 80222

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Actual document: Colorado Supreme Court decision on employment and medical marijuana

As usual, many have passionate opinions about the deicsion that says you can be fired from your job for use of medical marijuana on your own time. Few, however, have actually read the case.

Don't be that guy.

Here it is: Coats v Dish Network

Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Colorado Fraternal Order of Police calls for ouster of Commerce City Chief

June 3, 2015
Colorado Fraternal Order of Police calls
for ouster of Commerce City Chief
Long time Commerce City institution, the 88 Drive-In, concurs

Commerce City, CO -- The 88 Drive-In Theatre, an historic local business, expresses its concern over a recent report from the Colorado State Fraternal Order of Police damning the leadership of Commerce City Police Chief Troy Smith. The 88 Drive-In Theatre joins the FOP in calling for the ouster of Chief Smith.

Due to the FOP’s concern “that morale and labor-management relations within the department had reached the point where, if left unchecked, [they] would have a serious impact on public safety services within Commerce City,” the FOP sought an independent review of the CCDP and Smith’s leadership. The results of that review are frightening:

“In prior examinations of these types of issues we have never seen such a damning assessment by a workforce of mismanagement within a law enforcement agency to the degree revealed in this survey.” And if Chief Smith is not replaced, the review concluded that “public safety services will ultimately degrade to an unacceptable level.”

The 88 Drive-In Theatre concurs. “We brought some of these issues to the attention of the city council almost a year ago and the situation has escalated.  We are very concerned for the safety of the rank and file officers in the Commerce City Police department,” said Susan Kochevar, owner of the 88 Drive-In Theatre.

During its four decades as a Commerce City landmark, the 88 Drive-In Theatre has enjoyed a positive relationship with the City and its police. This suddenly changed upon Smith’s arrival. In a well-documented and unprecedented move, Chief Smith, on official City letterhead,  threatened to shut the doors of the theatre if it did not take his advice on how to handle its internal operations.  “After posting the letter on my Facebook page, 20,000 of my customers signed a petition to stop this abuse.  Their efforts were successful,” Kochevar said.

The 88 Drive-In Theatre hopes Commerce City will immediately addresses the concerns brought to light by the Fraternal Order of Police and returns to the friendly city with a happy police force it was just a few years ago. Toward that end, the 88 Drive-In encourages like-minded individuals to run for Commerce City Council.

88 Drive In Theatre,  8780 Rosemary Street, Commerce City, CO 80022  www.88DriveIn.com
Contact David K Williams, 303-588-2731, 2865 S. Colo. Blvd #250, Denver, CO 80222 Dave@DKWilliams.net

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Primary Source: A federal appeals court invalidates NSA bulk meta data collection.

As a huge propopent of orginal sources, here is a link to Second Circuit Court of Appeals decision that said the bulk collection of metadata by the NSA was not aurhorized by the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA).

Here is a good article that gives the decision some context from the NYTimes: "N.S.A. Collection of Bulk Call Data Is Ruled Illegal."

Tuesday, May 05, 2015

The GOP loves Jebbishness.

I've heard some people say that it would be great for the Libertarian Party if the GOP nominates Jeb Bush for president.

The notion is that Republicans who believe in limited government will be so disgusted with Jeb that they will look to the LP instead.

I place little faith in this notion.

Why would Jeb make anyone any more disgusted than Mitt Romney? Or John McCain? Or W? Or Bob Dole? Or W's dad?

The GOP has nominated Jebbish candidates for almost 30 years. Why would it matter this time?

The GOP loves Jebbishness. 

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Colorado Christian University disinvites Log Cabin Republicans from Western Conservative Summit

The following is a press release from the Colorado Log Cabin Republicans.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Alexander Hornaday
CCU head disinvites Log Cabin Republicans: buy a ticket
DENVER— After being invited and charged a $250 fee, the Colorado Log Cabin Republicans group was disinvited from Western Conservative Summit. Today, John Andrews, the head of Colorado Christian University and Western Conservative Summit, sent the following in response to Colorado Log Cabin Republicans:
“You and your members are very welcome to get tickets and attend, but we can’t officially have the organization as a partner, exhibitor, or advertiser. [Log Cabin Republicans'] worldview and policy agenda are fundamentally at odds with what Colorado Christian University stands for, so it’s just not a fit. I’m sorry it has to be that way.”
“Log Cabin Republicans are known for the hilarious ads painting Jared Polis as a king and the radio ads that aired that featured the ‘Lifestyles of the Rich and Out of Touch’ in an effort to educate Coloradans about Polis’ extremism and hypocrisy. Many of the members of our Colorado chapter are well known conservatives, and one of our board members even ran for the state senate as a Republican.”
“At our last meeting we decided we wanted to participate for the first time, have a table, you know nothing huge, but we told we could not participate in any context except as a ticket-buying attendee. Our policy agenda is one that advances a free society, and a freer economy. I think they are missing out."
“Look, they are a private organization with every right to decide to include whom they wish." Hornaday clarified, "We aren't going to sue them over this. Nevertheless, a marketplace thrives on information, and this is information that might inform some others' patronage.”
“This dis-invitation to the WSC, is showcasing the exact problem with the right. We should be expanding the tent, not excluding people who have shared ideas and philosophies,” said Michael Carr, secretary of the group, and former candidate for the state senate. “This is the most important time for us to be reaching out to all types of groups and people, all types of Republicans, all types of conservatives. Young people especially want to see a robust political debate and this dis-invitation is the exact opposite of that. Being perceived as anti-gay turns young people off even more than it does the general public.”
Carr added:
"It is a pretty common issue we face, they'll take our money, but want us in the closet."

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

On the most recent Caldara v. Brown public discussion about Colorado magazine limits

Ok, I admit my failure to be clear to others, and frankly, myself, regarding the most recent Jon Caldara v. Dudley Brown pissing match public discussion. Perhaps I can clear up my own mud and, in the process, clarify it for some others.

Senators Chris Holbert and John Cooke sponsored SB 175, which would have completely repealed the gun magazine 15 round limit that was passed a year ago. This is a great idea.  The bill passed out of the Senate. It died in the Democratically controlled House in the kill committee on a party line vote, 6-5.

At some point, Democrat Rep. Joe Salazar said something about potentially backing a 30 round limit, but not a complete repeal. As a procedural matter, he had no way to do this (short of introducing his own bill.) For procedural reasons, he could not amend SB 175 from a complete repeal to a new limit of 30 from the old limit of 15.

I heard Jon Caldara discussing how Dudley Brown vehemently opposed the very notion of any mag limit at all, and would never support a 30 round limit. I agree with Jon that a 30 round limit is superior to a 15 round limit. But, at the moment, this is a philosophical idea, not a political one. The theoretical discussion is, however, a worthy debate. However, it is separate and apart from the practical debate at the General Assembly.

I think some of the problem is that people are arguing different things: Some, like me, are arguing the principal that a larger limit is better than a smaller limit. Others are pointing out that there was no larger limit being debated in the legislature and the political ramifications of the bill being defeated.

As always, it is important for people to be discussing the same thing.

Now that we have cleared that up, please continue....

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

So, I need government permission to buy a CPAP mask.

This is a CPAP mask. It is mine. I used it for many years. A piece of it finally broke and I need a new one.

I went to a store at the mall that sells them. They had what I needed. I was ready to buy it. 

But no!

The government would not allow this voluntary transaction to take place. Because the government must approve of this sale between a willing buyer, me, and a willing seller, the store.

This transaction can not occur unless the government gives its permission.

I was not trying to buy a narcotic drug. I was not trying to buy any drug whatsoever. I was trying to buy a new mask to replace an old one.

What possible government interest is served by preventing me from buying this piece of equipment? I have contacted my government licensed doctor's office so I can get the permission slip and the transaction can be properly logged and monitored by the government. This will take a few days.

In the interim, I am without the equipment. 

So, to those statephiles who want even more government control of healthcare, perhaps you would like to rethink your desire. 

Monday, March 30, 2015

Indiana's "Restoration of Religious Freedom Act" - The actual text.

How many people with really, REALLY strong opinions on the legislation, have, like, you know, actually read it?

I'm betting about 0.001%.

Well, because BlueCarp is all about public service, here is a link to the actual piece of legislation:

Indiana's "Restoration of Religious Freedom Act."

Let's up those percentages. 

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Lessons from popular culture and Boardwalk Empire

In Season 1, Episode 10, of "Boardwalk Empire," women have recently been given the right to vote.

In the first election since suffrage, Nucky Thompson, the corrupt elected treasurer who runs Atlantic City, is trying to convince his girlfriend, Margaret Schroeder, to say a few words before the League of Woman Voters about his preferred candidate for Atlantic City Mayor. This exchange occurs:

Margaret: "What am I meant to say?"

Nucky: "That it's time for a change. The cronyism, the incompetence, the violence in our streets. All that's a thing of the past."

It's been nigh on 100 years, and they are selling the same crap. But don't blame them.

They aren't the ones buying it.

Saturday, October 04, 2014

Post Columnist "comfortable" with Broncos' roster move. Whew.

Rest assured, everyone!

Denver Post columnist Benjamin Hochman has carefully considered the Denver Broncos' release of kicker Matt Prater and says that "after thinking this one through, I’m comfortable with the Broncos’ decision,"


Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Invasive Asian carp, "balancing nature," and making money.

Maybe it's just me.

Maybe I'm overly sensitive.

But one two-sentence paragraph in a recent article in the Associated Press about the invasive Asian carp in domestic waters struck me.

You see, the Asian carp (somehow) made its way into American water. This by itself, perhaps, would not be an issue. However, the Asian carp are not tasty, and they are crowding out tasty domestic fish. The non-delicious and bony carp are eating food and taking up natural resources to the detriment of delicious and meaty domestic fish.

Some private companies are trying to help. The AP article is about one such company.

The AP says:

"For plant workers, purging the nation's waterways of carp that muscle out native fish for food and habitat isn't about balancing nature. It's strictly about making money."

OK, I see that as a derogatory judgment. Am I the only one?

It appears to my jaundiced eye that the AP would rather the plant workers "balanced nature" out of the goodness of their hearts, without having to dirty the process by "making money."

"Making money" in a voluntary transaction is a good thing. It means you are providing a service or product to someone. It means someone would rather give you money for something than keep that money. It means both parties to the transaction are better off after the transaction than before it.

"Making money" via mutually agreeable transactions should never be mocked or belittled. It should be praised and exalted.

... and the balance of nature will return.

Friday, August 08, 2014

Random notes on the Broncos' first practice game of 2014

The Broncos are having a practice game tonight at The Field Formerly Known as Invesco. In high school and college, these events are called “scrimmages.” They usually do not require admission. The NFL, however, charges full price for practice games.

This, however, gives season ticket holders an opportunity to give their friends and associates free tickets without having to give up a ticket for a game that matters.

Warren Moon, former Seahawk QB and current broadcaster, noted that the last time these two teams played was in the Super Bowl. He noted this game isn’t as important.

Thank you, Warren.

This game is meaningless.

Watching the players in pregame warmups, some of them have long hair. I have to ask: When do braids turn into dreadlocks? That hair looks very high maintenance.


Ron Zappolo and John Lynch will be providing the game coverage.

As Peyton Manning took the field, Zappolo said “Peyton, as always, takes the field as the quarterback.”

As always? I don’t think he’s always been the QB. I’m pretty sure his boss, John Elway, played the position for a bit.


The backups play like the game matters, because for their career it does.

The same goes for the television crew. They discuss the “Keys to the Game” for each team as if winning matters in a practice game. The real “Keys to the Game” are 1) Keeping Peyton’s jersey clean during the ten minutes he plays. Well, there isn’t really another key.

Bronco running back Ronnie Hillman has touched the ball 4 times. He has not fumbled yet. This is a good sign.

There have been more flags on the field than at a high school semaphore practice.


Beaujo’s is advertising “gluten free pizza.” Is that like fat free bacon? Joyless sex? Loveless marriage? Sure they exist, but why do want to advertise it?


Hillman scores the first touchdown of the game, a one yard blast up the middle. Most importantly, he still hasn’t dropped the ball. This is good.

Little known fact: the two guys in the Sonic commercials are in a civil union.

….and with 1:30 remaining in the first quarter, Peyton’s work is done here.

Now we have a lightning delay. Players go to the locker room. The fans don't move. Do coastal teams hide in the locker room when a shark is sighted off the beach? Because the risk is similar.


Instead of asking Ron and John to kill time for half an hour or so, lets go to an Andy Griffith rerun.

John said said something to the effect that as much as Seattle dominated Denver in the Super Bowl, Denver is dominating this game. Ouch. I know you are killing time but that’s just embarrassing, John. Please, send us to Mayberry

At least the director is pointing out hot chicks in stands during the delay. That is better than Aunt Bea.

This delay is a transparent ploy to sell more gluten free pizza. And meatless sausage. And non-alcoholic beer.

Now we have a commercial for the state run lottery. Ah, the state run lottery: Instead of putting folks in jail for running numbers, the state figured out it could take over the racket and force the private business out and run it as monopoly. You know, like good gangsters.

Much to the relief of Ron and John, they will not have to kill 30 any more time. Instead, we get a weather report from Kathy Sabine back in the studio.


After a 45 minute delay because we are scared of our shadows, the practice game resumes.

The first quarter comes to an end with the Broncos leading 7-0. The lightning, however, is the real winner. And beer sales. Surely beer sales spiked.

At some point after the lightning delay but before halftime, and after about 37 penalties, the Seahawks scored to tie the game.

The NFL thinks extra point kicks are too easy. They are experimenting with moving them back and making them longer. I say leave them where they are and don’t allow a holder. Make the kicker dropkick it. That will add some doubt and excitement to the situation.


Since we had a 45 minute delay for baseless fear already, can we just forgo the halftime?

Seattle takes a 10-7 lead just before the half, because their kicker is wearing two different shoes.

For the second half, we’ll be entertained by gentlemen who will return to stocking shelves next weekend.
On the final play of the third quarter, backup QB Brock Osweiler throws a horrendous interception deep in Broncos territory. Denver fans pray Peyton Manning never gets hurt. Broncos backup defense holds the ‘hawks to three. Seattle takes 16-14 lead.

With 7:22 remaining, Osweiler redeems himself with a nice 35 yard TD pass. Denver retakes the lead 21-16.

With just over 2:30 left in the game, Seattle faces a 3rd and goal for the go-ahead score. Bronco linebacker Steven Johnson intercepts a pass in the end zone and takes it out past the 20. If this game had any significance, that would have been exciting.


And practice is over. The Broncos avenge their butt whipping in the Super Bowl. Except that was the Super Bowl and this was a practice.


The Broncos have another practice game on August 17 at San Francisco.