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Saturday, January 01, 2005

New Year’s Eve with the Nuggets and 76er’s.

DENVER - Michael Cooper’s first game as the head coach of the Nuggets was on the last day of 2004.

The Coop-a-loop honeymoon got off to a quick start with a 16-2 run by the Nuggets.

It looked like the honeymoon might be quick. The lead would never be that big again, as the Sixers then went on a 24-9 run. They took the lead with 1:39 left in the first quarter. They held on to it for a long time.

AI, as always, was AI. He scored 14 of the Sixers’ first 16 points.

Things stayed bleak for the Nuggets until the fourth quarter.

Then, with 8:59 remaining in the game and the Nuggets down 8, Rocky the mascot slipped some cash into a ref’s pocket, then shined his shoes. It paid off.

Melo tied the game at 79 with a three pointer as the shot clock ran down with 7:05 to go in the game.

Denver’s Bryon Russell took a big time flop off Mark Jackson near the baseline with 5:02 on the clock to draw an offensive foul. Rocky’s bribe paid off.

The Nuggets, down 11 with less than ten minutes to go in the game, finished off their comeback and won 97-92.

The Coop-a-loop honeymoon continues.

Just Wonderin’
Since Melo appeared in the “don’t be snitchin’” video back in his Baltimore ‘hood, why did he drop dime on his buddy who left the weed in his backpack? Mmmmm.

Kingdom is Big
I’m not saying Kingdom the DJ is fat, but he was wearing a tuxedo on New Year’s Eve, and he had to have it specially made by Ringling Brothers. Kingdom gave the jacket to Kenyon Martin after the game as a birthday present. K-Mart wants to use it to cover his new Hummer.

Resume Review
They say changing jobs a lot doesn’t look good on a resume. According to their media guide, Sixer’s head coach Jim O’Brien started his coaching career with four different college assistant jobs in four years.

Watch Out for Falling Airplane Engines
The evil rabbit from the movie Donnie Darko has a new job as the Sixer’s mascot. According to the Philly media guide, his mascot name is “Hip-Hop.” He has 24 brothers and sisters. And that’s just from his litter.

Sure, he's had some dental work done and he's cleaned up, but make no mistake, that's the same rabbit.

Hockey Fallout
Stan Kroenke must be feeling the pinch from the NHL lockout. He didn’t pay anything for halftime entertainment.

The Nuggets did a “Who Wants to be a Millionaire” skit with an audience member. When it was over, they still had to time to kill, so they showed a Kylie Minogue video on the PepsiVision.

Kylie really can’t dance, but it doesn’t matter. Watching her try is thoroughly entertaining. I love Kylie.

One of the “Millionaire” questions was “how long did Britney’s first marriage legally last?” All four of the multiple choice answers were wrong.

The marriage was annulled, which, legally, means it never happened.

Nuggette Update

The Nuggettes performed at halftime (just before the "Millionaire" skit) wearing metallic bikini tops that reminded me of Princess Leia at the feet (or fins) of Jabba the Hut. I love the Nuggettes.

K-Mart Injury

The Nuggets player injury report on K-Mart was very specific. It said he would not play due to a “left mid back strain.” In hockey, that would be described as an “upper body injury.”

Jose Cuervo, You Are a Friend of Mine

Cuervo is a sponsor of Nuggets’ games. During breaks in the action, a Cuervo logo appears on the PepsiVision and the PA announcer announces that Cuervo margaritas are available on the concourse. He reminds the crowd to drink responsibly, but, of course, to drink.

Who Named These People?

If Kiki wants a coach that will play Skita, Coop wasn’t the guy Friday night. Skita got in with less than two minutes to go in the third.

He left with 10:49 in the game. He had no points, no rebounds, no assists and two fouls. It wasn’t pretty.

Nene has nothing to do with this, but must included in this paragraph as his name is as silly as Kiki and Skita. (Of course, Nene and Skita are from foreign lands. They have excuses. Kiki is from California, which, I guess, is kinda foreign, too.)

The Time Warp

The PepsiVision showed “live” scenes from Tokyo as midnight struck in Japan. At 7:00 p.m. Denver time, the PepsiVision showed 2005 arrive in London “live.” At 7:46, we got the celebration from Sydney, Australia. At 7:52, we got Rio de Janiero. At 8:01, we got Paris.
Happy New Year. No matter what time it is.