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Sunday, November 11, 2007


First, the Giants are wearing red jerseys. The Giants should never wear red jerseys. The Giants are blue. Red makes no sense.

Second, Joe Buck is the play by play announcer. Just to be clear, this Joe Buck has nothing to do with "Midnight Cowboy." Joe just commented on a long Giant kickoff return that was called back due to a holding call. Joe said the long run was "negated" due to the penalty. Maybe, maybe not.

If the hold allowed the runner to break free, the hold did not negate the long run. It was the cause of it. And that's why it was called back. Yes, a penalty may have nothing to do with the run. The penalty could be on the other side of the field.

Yet, I have never heard an NFL or college announcer mention that a penalty is what allowed a big play. I have heard them mention that a penalty had nothing to do with the play, but not the other way around.

Buck should have at least asked the question. He did not.

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