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Friday, July 18, 2008

"Common ground on Pinon Canyon "

The United States Army wants to expand its training facility in eastern Colorado.

At first, the Army wanted an additional 400,000 acres to go with its existing 236,000 acres.

Many ranchers and residents were not down with this, since the power of imminent domain would have forced them off their land against their will. (Some Americans have this crazy idea that they can not be forced to involuntarily sell their land. They can. Let freedom ring.)

The Army now says it only wants an additional 100,000 acres.

The Post thinks this is great. It realizes that some might still be forced to sell their land, but the Post hopes that does not happen.

"Hope" and $2.00 will get you a venti coffee at Starbucks.

The Post calls for compromise. It has no particular compromise in mind, but they are convinced some kind of compromise can be reached.

Calling for compromise without suggesting one is akin to calling for a cake without any eggs.

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