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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Believe in Freedom? Meet Bob Barr in Denver.

Did you miss your last chance to meet Libertarian candidate for President Bob Barr?

Bob was in Denver last Sunday, August 10, for a "meet and greet." Barr supporters had about 48 hours notice. We pulled off a catered event with over 70 people in attendance and raised over $9000.

Well, you have another chance to meet Bob. And this time, his running mate Wayne Root will also be in Denver.

A catered, table service dinner will be provided for all attendees and an open bar is available for those that wish to partake (before the government re-instates prohibition "for our own good".)

Mark Your Calendar

Date: Thursday, August 28, 2008 (Yep, the very same night the Socialists anoint their Chosen One at Invesco Field, the Democrats' first step toward a workers' paradise.)

Time: Cocktails at 6:30. Dinner at 7:30.

Place: The Grant-Humphreys Mansion, 770 Pennsylvania Avenue, Denver, Colorado.

Donations: To sit at the Presidential Table with Bob - $1000.
To sit at the Vice-Presidential Table with Wayne - $500
To sit with people like me, but mingle with Bob and Wayne anyway - $100

There are only seven spaces at the Presidential and Vice-Presidential tables. The tables seat eight, and one of them is already taken.

The remaining spots are also limited. Contact me right now at Dave@DKWilliams.net if you wish to attend.

Why you should attend

If you think the government has the answer to our problems, you should not attend.

If you believe in freedom and liberty, you should.

Republican nominee John McCain believes in big government. His signature piece of legislation is anti-free speech. He is a member of the Al Gore Cult of Global Warming. It is hard to believe he's in the same party as Barry Goldwater and Ronald Reagan.

Democratic nominee Barack Obama believes in an even bigger government. He sold out his party by voting in favor of FISA and REAL ID. He opposes gay marriage. He hardly stands for personal freedom and civil rights.

Bob Barr is the only candidate that stands for smaller government, free speech, the free market, personal freedom and civil rights.

Reject the two party system. The two party duopoly is not a requirement of our political system. It rewards mediocrity and perpetuates the status quo.

You want change? Vote Libertarian. Vote Bob Barr and Wayne Root.

Come show your support on August 28.

RSVP now to Dave@DKWilliams.net or call me at 303-588-2731.

I look forward to seeing you there.

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