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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Bob Barr Against Cuban Embargo

At a fund raising event Sunday night in Littleton, Colorado, Libertarian nominee for president Bob Barr told a group of supporters, "I am against the Cuban embargo."

Barr, smoking a non-Cuban cigar in the backyard of Travis Nicks, Libertarian Party of Colorado Chairman, said he would lift the embargo against Cuba as President.

Barr told the group of supporters that more information would be forthcoming in the near future about his position on the Cuban embargo.

Credit BlueCarp.com in further dissemination.

1 comment:

  1. Cuba and the Cuban people have plenty of problems of their own, but how can people in here in the United States talk about helping the Cubans to be more free if we're not free to go and tell them about the benefits we have because we're free?

    It takes one to know one, and we're not free so long as we have to have a permission slip from the federal government to go and see Cuba for ourselves.

    As a Libertarian opposed to excessive government control over all of our lives, this is something which Bob Barr should easily understand.