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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

"Hillary releases delegates"

Hillary Clinton released her delegates this afternoon. She put the delegates in the family car, telling them they were going to get some ice cream. After driving about 45 minutes east, out onto the Colorado plains, some delegates began to ask questions, especially after Hillary drove past the second Baskin-Robbins franchise.

Hillary placated them by saying that she new a great place out near the airport.

Hillary eventually pulled off onto a dirt road, near an abandoned farm. She told the delegates that the ice cream store was inside the barn, and for them to "go on ahead." She said she had to get her purse and she would be right there.

Once the delegates got close to the barn, Hillary jumped back into the car and sped away. About half of the delegates ran after the car, but the other half continued on towards the barn.

"I figured she was coming right back," Joy Hammonds, a delegate from Iowa, said. "I was the first person inside the barn. Some of my friends were a little skeptical when I had to break a window to get in. But I had faith. Boy, was I surprised when I couldn't find any ice cream. I don't think the barn even had electricity for a freezer.

"I was looking for a cooler, you know, that maybe had some ice in it."

The delegates are still on the side of the dirt road, waiting for Hillary to return.

"If she doesn't come back soon, we might have to make a call," Hammonds said. "Hey, does anybody have coverage out here?" she yelled in the general direction of some delegates.

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