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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Listening to the DNC

Watching the Democrats on television. Who says television isn't educational? Things I am learning:

* I'm listening to former Virginia Governor Mark Warner.

Apparently, it is possible to create jobs by passing legislation.

* Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer looks a lot like Frank Caliendo. (Well, they are both fat white guys that can't be taken seriously).

I continue to learn from these speeches. Apparently, Obama is going to declare "ENERGY INDEPENDENCE!" and it will happen.

Why didn't someone think of this before?

* It all seems so easy. All we need to do is let the government take over the economy, and all of our woes will disappear.

* Chelsea looks pretty good.

* Her mom is wearing orange. I hope that's a tribute to the Broncos, because she looks like Miles.

* When Hillary said she was "a proud supporter of Barack Obama!" the Pepsi Center erupted like the Avalanche had just won the Stanley Cup. It was as if the delegates were not quite sure she was going to endorse Obama or stage a coup.

* She's still wearing orange. Orange?

* Free health care is on the way. Next up: Free lunch!

* She made a joke about being in the "sisterhood of the traveling pantsuit."

* Actual quote: "Workers of the world unite! You have nothing to lose but your chains!" (Not an actual quote from Hillary. But it is an actual quote. From Karl Marx.)

* I can't wait for all of this free stuff!

* Her speechwriter had another good line about McCain and Bush being in the Twin Cities next week "because it is so hard to tell them apart."

* Two other things that will be hard to tell apart: Jimmy Carter's presidency and Barack Obama's presidency.

* Safe bet of the year: Not one of the delegates lists Ayn Rand as their favorite author.

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