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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Olympic Hoops - US v. China

BlueCarp running commentary:

Melo says he wants to get at least ten rebounds a game. I wish he had that same goal with the Nuggets.

I’m no designer, but white font on a white background makes it nigh on impossible to read the names on the back of the U.S. jerseys.

At halftime, Mike Breen said that the Chinese “got off to an early start.” Is it possible to get off to any other kind?

Some local fan said he paid more than face value for a ticket to get into the game. That’s not very communist. I hope the buyer doesn’t end up in a gulag.

Jim Lampley keeps telling me the coverage is live, but it is not. With 7:31 to go in the third quarter, I know the final score from the interweb. I guess it is “plausibly live.”

Yao Ming donated $2 million to assist the victims of that big earthquake in China. That is great no matter how you slice it, but since he is Chinese citizen, does not all his money belong to the People anyway? From each according to his ability, to each according to his need, right? It is a workers’ paradise. And once Obama is coronated, the U.S. will be one step closer to our own workers’ paradise.

Breen just informed us that last year there were 76 foreign players in the NBA. Outrageous. Those guys are taking jobs away from Americans. NBA stands for National Basketball Association, not International Basketball Association. We should close our borders to those damn foreigners playing our game in our country and making it harder for real Americans to play the game.

Regarding Melo’s wish? He attained 40% of his goal.

The U.S. still rolls and goes 1-0 in the Olympics.

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  1. As I was watching the game, I thought Melo did a really good job keeping him self in position for rebounds, especially defensive rebounds. Of course, there's that highlight where the guy comes over his back to stuff in the rebound, but other than that, his rebounding was an asset to the team.