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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

"Overqualifed face-painters with teaching credentials"

Ms. Verti is a teacher. She lists all the reasons teaching is hard, and why many promising teachers leave the profession.

She says "I don't have answers on how to remedy this education crisis, but I do think it is an issue that requires careful reflection."


We should reflect on a teachers union that is more interested in protecting its worst than paying its best. (For instance, the Denver Public School teachers union threatening to strike if performance based pay is adopted by the school system.) Most reasonable people would leave such a profession.

We should reflect on the state sponsored monopoly on schools. When there is no competition, there is no incentive. When you get paid no matter how poorly you do, guess what you will do? Poorly. Those that wish to do better, but get no reward for their effort, will leave that profession.

We should reflect on the public school bureaucracy, where there are more administrators than teachers. It is certainly reasonable to leave a profession where red tape and "policy" is more important than achievement.

Let the reflecting commence.

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