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Monday, September 15, 2008

"Business, labor need a truce"

Out of the numerous ballot initiatives on the Colorado ballot this November, several deal with labor issues.

Amendment 47, backed by business, would make closed union shops illegal in the state.

The unions back several initiatives. One would make business executives criminally liable for breaching corporate duties. Another would require all business with 25 or more employees to pay for health insurance for their employees and families. Another would abolish the employment at will doctrine in the state. Another would open employers to tort damages on top of workers' compensation.

If all of the union initiatives pass, business will leave Colorado faster than Usain Bolt in Beijing.

According to the Post, the unions will withdraw all four of its initiatives if the people behind Amendment 47 withdraw it. So far, its supporters have refused.

The Post says that "Colorado's existing Labor Peace Act already makes it all but impossible to compel workers to join unions or pay agency fees against their will."

Given that, the Post calls for both sides to withdraw their initiatives. Sounds like a decent compromise to me.

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