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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Another government failure

"What an idea: data-driven parole"

Rocky Mountain News editorial

The Rocky points out that the state's Parole Board has been ignoring state law.

State law requires the board to make certain findings when ruling on parole decisions and report those findings to the Division of Criminal Justice.

So the people that are passing judgment on whether or not law breakers should be released are law breakers themselves.

Oh, the irony.

When was the last time the Parole Board and Divison of Criminal Justice complied with state law? Twelve years ago.

The Rocky points out that this means "three different governors have been in office while criminal justice officials ignored their duty to ground parole decisions in hard evidence. Incredible."

Unfortunately, it is really not that incredible. Government, by its nature, is incompetent and corrupt.

This is just yet another blemish on the pockmarked face of statism.

And yet the hue and cry continues for more government, more regulation, more rules, more oversight.

Our failure to learn from mistakes is staggering.

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