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Friday, December 19, 2008

Too much pork for just one fork

Complete Colorado reports that the federal gravy train has reached the Centennial State.

Ten Colorado cities have their hands out for $2.25 billion in what used to be your money before it was (1) forcibly confiscated by the feds via taxation (2) printed by the feds, thereby devaluing the money in your pocket or (3) borrowed on an account to be paid by your unborn grandkids.

Among the requests, Boulder wants $60 million to retrofit "6o hybrid electric vehicles to Plug-in Hybrid Vehicles." That comes to $100,000  per vehicle.

The MSRP for a brand new, 2009 Honda Prius is $24,270.  

It is our fault for putting up with this. We elect the politicians that make this possible.

Remember how the government teat feeds this waste the next time a politician whines about how they do not have enough money to pay for schools. 

They have the money. They know they have the money. And they won't stop until we stop them. 

So far, we have shown little inclination to do so. 

Get the inclination.

1 comment:

  1. I always wonder if there is anything we can really do. I don't really think there is. The thing is that most people don't pay much attention and those that do are often in support of the crap. Even those who don't support it all will often look the other way on things they don't like because they know they will get their turn later.