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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The War on Drugs funds terrorism

The front page of today’s Denver Post includes this article from the Associated Press:

U.S. to strike at drug trade

WASHINGTON — American authorities are planning a broad new campaign to choke off the prime source of financing for terrorists in Afghanistan, sending in dozens of federal drug-enforcement agents to disrupt the country's massive opium trade and the money that streams to the Taliban and al-Qaeda.

Neither police nor military force can overcome market force. The only way to take away drug profits from the terrorists is by competition. Take away the price premium created by the black market, and the illegal profits dry up. Legalize the drugs and allow legitimate markets.

Phillip Morris and Anhueser-Busch sell legal drugs, and the profit does not go to terrorists. 

The only argument against legalizing other drugs is that drugs are bad and it is unpalatable to legalize them. Granted.

But how unpalatable is terrorism? Ignoring the cost/benefit analysis does not make the cost go away. The cost of the “War on Drugs” includes terrorist funding.

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