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Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Health care dialogue

I posted this link on my Facebook page: "Ten Questions for Supporters of Obamacare."

A very good friend of mine posted this reply (and I only copy it because Facebook is a public forum, it was not a private message):

....just a quick note to people that think our current healthcare works. We were denied health care from Kaiser because we were adopting. You can not deny there are problems.

My response to him on Facebook:

...your point is very well taken. Our current health care does NOT work.

My point is that putting faith in the government to solve it is misplaced.

There is no utopia. The world is imperfect.

Government makes the world subject to bureaucratic whim. The free market has rules. We can adapt to those rules. It is impossible to adapt to whim.

We do not currently have a free market system.

For example, I did a search on "health" in the Code of Federal Regulations. I didn't count the pages, but it is way over 1000's and 1000's pages of regs.

And that is under the current system that denied you coverage.

Is more pages of regs the answer? I don't think it is.

Under the current system of federal regs, you are not allowed to buy health insurance available in other states. That is government regulation that preempts the free market.

I am not saying that the free market would absolutely solve your problem. It may not. I'm just pointing out the government makes it worse.

1 comment:

  1. Finally! I have been having the same type of dialogue, i.e. wall commments on Facebook from friends who are either ignorant in the most literal sense of the word about the coercion of government control and are so in the tank liberal, anything Obama does is genius. I am very happy you posted this to your blog b/c I am at my wits end trying to discuss this with someone who is terribly misguided and unclear about the facts and is trying to figure out the solution so all poor people can get free health care. They can't figure out health care is a service that costs money and so they are trying desperately to rationalize free lunches and they also can't come to terms with the fact that comrade Obama may not have their best interests at heart.