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Sunday, October 18, 2009

A stimulus plan that works: No corporate taxes.

Fortune 500 company DaVita is relocating from El Segundo, California, to Denver. According to the Denver Post article "Dialysis giant Davita zeroing in on Colorado site:"

Kent Thiry, DaVita's chief executive, has said metro Denver's central location, lower costs and desirability as a place to live factored into the company's decision.

A "necessary lubricant," Thiry said, is a new state income tax credit of 3.8 percent for up to five years to companies if they select Colorado over competitors and create at least 20 jobs.

An even more effective lubricant would be a state income tax credit of 100 percent for up to forever. Fewer taxes equal more jobs.

Leftists have mocked the Laffer Curve and what they derisively call "trickle down economics" for decades. When they do so, they demonstrate palpable ignorance. They might as well mock gravity. Indeed, they would, if it conflicted with their utopian vision of "fairness."

California's current state of economic disarray is a direct result of the implementation of leftist's utopian vision. Their belief that government employed social engineers are better equipped to fairly distribute the fruits of production is demonstrably wrong.

When confronted with the facts, the leftist will reply that the social engineers didn't quite get it right that time, but next time they will. Their faith in the government nearly surpasses the faith most Christians have in Jesus.

It only makes sense, then, that Obama is the left's Newest Messiah.

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  1. Sometimes when confronted with the facts, they simply claim that the facts are not factual.