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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Why Al Gore leads a cult.

Science is all about questioning, not agreement. At one point, the "concensus" was that the world was flat, that the sun revolved around the earth and that bloodletting helped cure disease.

If not for questioning, and overcoming those fallacies, we'd still be stuck in the middle ages.

What makes the global warming movement a cult is that it's priests shun all non-believers as heretics, and refuse to acknowledge any dissent.

That's not science. That's religion.

The Priests of the Green Movement have many proposals to solve their make-believe problem. All of them involve increased government control of the economy.

Any solution that does not involve increased government control of the economy is dismissed as heresy. For instance, the increased use of nuclear energy. Nuclear energy would help solve the make-believe problem. However, since it would not increase government controls over the economy, it does not fit the gospel of the cult and must be shunned.

If members of the Catholic Church had half the fervor of the Al Gore Cult of Global Warming, they wouldn't be closing any parishes.

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