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Saturday, December 12, 2009

A challenge to liberty lovers in the GOP

My good Republican friend Ben DeGrow, in a recent PPC post, tells the National GOP to "Wake Up and FIGHT."

Ben says, "The national Republican party is flirting dangerously with proving itself an entirely ineffectual ally of liberty and limited government."


They've gone past flirting, beyond kisses on the neck, through heavy petting and into individual acts of perversion SO profound and disgusting that decorum prohibits listing them here.

Ben warns that "a national Republican Party that would callously take for granted the votes of fiscal conservatives and friends of liberty at this most desperate hour will prove itself unworthy of loyal support."

I am not quite sure what more they have to do to prove unworthy of that support. I challenge my liberty loving GOP friends to produce a list of things the GOP will have to do to maintain your support.

Then, if they do not, withdraw that support. Otherwise, the threat is just hot air.

Like a victim of battered spouse syndrome, too many believers in freedom take back the GOP because they are told, "This time, Sweetie, I mean it. Can we kiss and make up?"

The cycle will not end until you reject the abuse. And like a battered spouse, you might not have anywhere else to go.

You have to go anyway. You have to rebuild somewhere else.

Or keeping taking the black eyes and telling your friends you ran into the door.

What is on your list, my GOP friends?

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