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Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Let's put these guys in charge of health care.

According to an article by the Denver Post's Michael Riley, "Feds settle suit over mismanagement of Indian trust land,"

the federal government agreed Tuesday to settle for $3.4 billion a lawsuit that claims it badly mismanaged millions of acres in Indian trust land over more than 100 years.


The federal government would return those lands to tribal ownership, reversing a controversial policy of privatization that dates to 1887, was reversed in the 1930s and is seen by many in Indian country as contributing to a legacy of poverty and underdevelopment that continues to this day.


the announcement finalizes a monumental legal struggle that had become a symbol of government neglect and mismanagement, one that a district judge last year called an "irreparable breach of fiduciary duty" by the Department of the Interior.


federal officials appeared to have lost millions of critical records dating back decades that were supposed to record income from trust lands and what was done with the money.
And some statists argue it is a moral imperative that we give these same people control over health care. These statists have a misguided faith in the government. They refuse to see the historical, proven inability of the government to manage a lemonade stand, much less the country's entire health care system.

There are none so blind as those that refuse to see.

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