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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Tancredo trashes Jane Norton, John McCain at R Block event

I attended an R Block Party event this evening at the Old Mill Brewery in Littleton.

The highlight of the event was the fireworks provided by former U. S. Representative and Republican presidential candidate Tom Tancredo. He railed against recent Republican presidential nominee John McCain as a big government, liberal Republican.

But he did not stop there. He painted former Lt. Governor and current Colorado Republican candidate for U. S. Senate Jane Norton with the same can of paint. Tancredo professed his belief that McCain is doing his best to recruit big government Republican candidates throughout the country, including Norton, in an effort to continue his failed statist legacy. Tancredo said Norton fits the McCain mold, and that he could not support her candidacy.

Tancredo made it clear he thinks neither McCain nor Norton believe in conservative principles.

Tancredo said he supports Weld County D.A. Ken Buck in the Republican race for the Senate nomination.

Of his failed bid for the Presidencey, Tancredo told the crowd of about 60 activists that he never for a second thought he would win. He said his presidential campaign was a tool to educate the country on the problem of illegal immigration.

Nikki Mata and Lori Horn, as usual, did a tremendous job organizing the event, which was focused on educating activists on the caucus process. Several people had the opportunity to speak, including the candidates in attendance. Dan Maes, candidate for governor, Polly Lawrence, candidate for state House District 44, Derec Shuler, candidate for state Senate District 34, and Lora Thomas, candidate for Douglas County coroner, were among the candidates who addressed the audience.

Nikki and Lori were even kind enough to give me, as the President of the public advocacy group the Gadsden Society, the opportunity to say a few words about the Colorado legislative process and how to keep advised on pending bills. I recommended everyone follow state Rep. Kent Lambert on Twitter for his updates on the state budget process.

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