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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Big Brother in a windbreaker

Little Brother had an idea, but he knew his big brother did not approve.

Little Brother went ahead and tried it, but tried to keep it small so as not to bring undue attention to himself. Big Brother eventually noticed, however, but said, “sure, Little Brother, go ahead and play with your little idea, I don’t care.”

Little Brother, no longer concerned about undue attention, really expanded his idea. He still had lots of issues to work out, but he felt he could work them out eventually.

Well, Big Brother decided one day he did not like Little Brother’s idea any more. So he stepped in and stopped it. Just like that.

He does not need a reason. He is Big Brother.


This is exactly what has happened in Colorado and its burgeoning medical marijuana industry.

And Big Brother is not in a fairy tale or contained in an Orwell novel. He wears a windbreaker with “DEA” across the back in yellow letters.

See "Major metro grower jailed."

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