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Monday, February 15, 2010

Jeffrey Sweetin, rogue federal cop, decides national and state policy in Colorado.

Who determines Colorado law?

(a) Colorado voters via amending the state Constitution through the petition process.

(b) The general assembly.

(c) The Colorado Supreme Court.

(d) A local DEA agent.

The answer is (d).

Jeffrey Sweetin, the head of the federal DEA in Denver, has unilaterally decided that Colorado's constitution means nothing. Despite a constitutional amendment allowing medical marijuana in this state, despite the general assembly working on a regulatory framework, despite his boss the President of the United States of America telling him that the feds will not use its resources to arrest those in compliance with local medical marijuana laws, this rogue fed decided to arrest a medical marijuana grower in Highlands Ranch.

Apparently all the meth labs have been closed in Colorado.

Apparently Barack Obama has no control over his policemen.

Apparently one federal cop gets to decide not only Colorado policy, but federal policy as well.

That is an awful lot of power for one man.

According to today's Denver Post, Sweetin "said he has no plans to start cracking down on the hundreds of medical-marijuana dispensaries that have popped up around the state."

Well, that is certainly reassuring. As long as he has no plans on once again ignoring the Colorado constitution, we should be okay.

But since when does Colorado law depend on the whim of one federal cop?

Even if you think medical marijuana is a horrible idea, this abuse of federal power on an internal state matter should be of serious concern.

I hope all that profess to believe in state sovereignty and the Tenth Amendment, regardless of their position on this internal issue, complain long and loudly about this usurpation of state power by the federal government.

Call your U.S. Rep and let them know you want the feds out of Colorado internal business.

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