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Friday, April 02, 2010

The government's war on the poor continues.

The Obama administration will require all new cars in the US to get 10 more miles per gallon than they do now by 2016.

This will drive up the cost of cars. The government admits new cars in 2016 will cost $926 more under these new standards than they would otherwise.

If they admit to an increase of $926, you can bet the increase will be substantially more. Rich people will just write a check for the difference. Poor people will not. They can not. The government says "no big deal." The new standards will actually save you money.

According to the government, we will all save $3000 in gas money over the life of the car. If this were true, government force would not be required.

Whenever the government says force is necessary for people to save money, they are spewing nonsense. They do not care about saving you money. They care about control over what you can buy.

They know better than you. You are too stupid to know that you can save money. Therefore, the government must pass a law requiring you to save money.

It is absurd on its face. It is tripe. And too many of us say, "Thanks, oh benevolent state, for the tripe. It is so tasty."

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