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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Physics can not be changed. Reality can.

My small-government GOP friends tell me often that I should accept the reality that we live in a two-party system with plurality voting.

They miss the point.

I accept reality.

They, however, fail to see that reality can be changed. At one time, we were a group of colonies subject to a monarchy. That reality changed.

At one time, Blacks in this country were chattel. That reality changed.

At one time, women were not allowed to vote. That reality changed.

Most of my small government Republican friends will acknowledge that they, themselves, want to change reality. The reality is that Barack Obama is in the White House. They want to change that. So do I. But I also want to change the reality that, right now, the only alternative is a Big Government Republican.

I will listen to arguments that perhaps Mitt Romney, Mike Huckabee or John McCain would be better than Obama. Those arguments, alas, miss the point. All of them, Obama, Romney, Huckabee and McCain want the federal government to tell you and me how to live.

I reject the proposition that any degree of state control over my sovereignty is acceptable. The argument that a Republican wants slightly less control than a Democrat over my life is meaningless. I will not give it to them: not voluntarily.

Americans should never accept state control over our personal lives. Not even from a Republican.

Reality is, our government controls us. We can change that reality.

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