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Monday, August 23, 2010

Jonah Goldberg and "right" vs. "left."

In his excellent book "Liberal Fascism," Jonah Goldberg writes

The popular conception that Hitler was a man of the right is grounded in a rich complex of assumptions and misconceptions about what constitutes left and right, terms that get increasingly slippery the more you try to nail them down.
(page 56).

This is true precisely because the terms are meaningless. Fascism, Communism, Nazism, Socialism, monarchism, and totalitarianism in any form ALL subjugate the individual to a false "greater good" of the "people" or the "collective."

They all push the ideology that the state is greater than the person. And that ideology is evil.

Whether or not the state is perceived to be "left" or "right" is only as important as which hand holds the gun to your head. Once the trigger is pulled, it doesn't matter which hand did the pulling.

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