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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Progressives think you are mean.

Michael Gerson, of the Washington Post, demonstrates how "progressive" statists feel about their fellow man:
"Social Security abolition would push perhaps 13 million elderly Americans into destitution."

(See "Why the Tea Party is toxic for the GOP.")

Gerson, and statists like him, think so little of the American people that he believes we would let 13 million Americans starve to death in the streets if the government did not compel us to subsidize Social Security. Statists of all stripe believe that humanity is base, immoral, greedy, heartless and cold.

Statists believe that but for the enlightened ones, like them, making us all commit "good deeds" through government force, we'd callously step over dying old folks in the street on the way to our jobs on Wall Street.

I'm sure Gerson sees us all twirling our moustaches as we laughed at dying old ladies in alley ways.

Libertarians know that if we didn't have to pay 14% of our income toward Social Security, there would be fewer destitute elderly people; there would be more private money to assist the remaining destitute; and that there is no worse tyranny than forcing someone to pay for what he does not want merely because you think it is good for him.

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