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Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Vote your conscience.

Barring a miracle just short of a virgin birth, John Hickenlooper will be the next governor of Colorado. You do not have to be concerned with your vote "spoiling" the election and "throwing" it to a progressive Democrat. The GOP has already taken care of that.

Republican nominee Dan Maes’ problems are well-documented. He has been abandoned by the GOP. Beauprez, Brown, Andrews and Wadhams made it official.

Tom Tancredo abandoned the GOP, the party that elected him U.S. Congressman, and joined something called the “American Constitution Party” so he could either force Maes out or ensure his defeat. He did not accomplish the former. He has accomplished the latter.

If either Maes or Tancredo satisfy you, by all means, vote for him. If neither do, you are free to vote your conscience. If you believe in small government - both economically and socially – vote for Libertarian candidate for governor, Jaimes Brown.

Vote your conscience. What a radical notion.

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