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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Too much medical reefer? More government is not the answer.

There is a problem with the over prescripion of medical marijuana in Colorado. Fortunately, the solution to the problem already exists.

The pro-big government statists in both major parties, however, can not let the "crisis" go to waste. The boom of medical marijuana providers in Colorado gives the statists another opportunity to create another layer of government bureaucracy and government control over individuals and the doctor/patient relationship.

For instance, Christian Thurstone, a "board-certified child/adoscent and addictions psychiatrist" laments the abuses of our state's medical marijuana process ( see "Medical Marijuana and Teenagers, Smoke and Mirrors,") in today's Denver Post.

He complains that

In the last three months, I have seen more than a dozen young people — all between the ages of 18 and 25 and with histories of substance abuse — who received from other doctors what are essentially permission slips to smoke pot.

That presents a problem. It must be addressed.

However, Dr. Thurstone loses some credibility when he declares "Now, almost every day, a kid asks me, 'Doc, how can marijuana be bad? It's a medicine.'"

The good doctor is exasperated that he has to answer this question, as if the kid has a good point he can not refute.

That is an absurd conclusion. The kid does not have a good point. The doctor should tell the kid that valium, vicodin and oxycontin are medicine, too, and the kid should not be doing those things either, unless he has a medical need for them.

Of course, to answer in such a way is place marijuana on the same legitimate medicinal grounds as these prescription drugs. Dr. Thurstone does not wish to do this, and his bias is apparent.

(Of course, valium, vicodin and oxycontin are all more addictive and dangerous than marijuana, but let's not confuse the issue with clarity).

Dr. Thurstone has a higher opinion of his ability to determine if patients need medical marijuana than his fellow MDs. He disagrees with many of them.

He probably has a point. But let's not pretend that this is a new situation. Unethical MDs have wrongfully prescribed all kinds of medicine ever since the first prescription pad was printed.

Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson's doctors immediately come to mind.

The problem is not medical marijuana. The problem is its inappropriate prescription by licensed medical professionals. There already exists a way to deal with incompetent and/or unethical doctors.

Anyone, even other doctors like Thurstone, can file a complaint with the Colorado Board of Medical Examiners if one believes a medical doctor is acting in an unethical manner.

I found the form online in about five minutes.

The checklist of potential complaints includes "overprescribing of medications." It seems like Dr. Thurstone is in dire search of a solution that already exists, and it's as obvious as a bong at a baptism.

It appears that the good doc's real problem is that medical marijuana exists at all.

If one believes that a medical doctor is overprescribing a medicine, any medicine, report him to the board that already exists. There is no need to lobby the legislature for more government intrusion into citizens' lives.

Physician, heal thyself. And leave the legislature out of it.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Osama expresses regret at missing Copenhagen

Noted climate change expert Osama bin Laden has joined the Al Gore Cult of Global Warming.

It is not known if the Cult officially clashes with bin Laden's version of Islam.

According to the Wasington Post

"The world is held hostage by major corporations, which are pushing it to the brink," he said. "World politics are not governed by reason but by the force and greed of oil thieves and warmongers and the cruel beasts of capitalism."

The "cruel beasts of capitalism," of course, are to be replaced by the butterfly and lollipop loving rationale of Al- Qaeda.

"May I look in your trunk, sir?"

So, "Cell phone laws have no impact on accidents."

But they give the police another reason to pull you over, look in your car and ask what you are doing.

Chalk up another win for the statists and another loss for the libertarians.

You have nothing to lose but your chains!

Bill and Melinda Gates have donated $10 billion to research vaccines and bring them to the world's poorest countries.

This is clearly immoral. They "earned" this $10 billion in obscene profits by the exploitation of the labor of others.

The government should have taxed the Gates family, and Microsoft Corporation, at a higher rate thereby making sure the people benefit, and not the bourgeois elitists that think they can atone for their exploitation of others by throwing table crumbs to the poor of the world.

Only the state has the moral authority to decide whom and to what causes the natural resources of the world belong! Profiteers like the Gates have stolen the labor of the working man and it must be returned!

The right wing media, like the Associated Press, are all owned by the corporate-military-industrial complex, and these media puppets hold up those that exploit the labor of the working class as heroes!

This is nonsense! The world can only reach its potential via control by the people! Corporations, evil banksters and all of their profit-monger brethen hold us back! They use us up and spit us out!

We, the working people, should have that $10 billion for our own use! Gates and his wife did not WORK for that obscene profit! They stole it!

The United States should nationalize Microsoft and return the power to the people! We should not be beholden to our profit-seeking corporate masters! We, the collective, should decide where that $10 billion goes!

Let equality reign!

--special guest post by Krasniya Koi

Willie Nelson: Freedom fighter.

Willie Nelson cancelled a concert in Kenansville, North Carolina, Thursday night after six of his band and crew members were cited for possessing moonshine and marijuana the day of the show.

If the government has enough money to pay law enforcement officers to keep 60 year old men from drinking and smoking prior to going to work on a Willie Nelson show, then the government has too damned much money.

Just talk priorities, people. Where else could the money for enforcing these infractions be spent?

I have no doubt that statists could compile a list as long as Pinocchio's nose after an audit. Each item on that list would be a better use of tax money.

But how about this crazy idea? Let individual taxpayers keep that money and spend it however the hell they want.

Even on moonshine and reefer if they are so inclined.

Freedom just scares the hell out of so many people.

Yes, individual freedom is dangerous. It can be deadly.

But until we realize that state power is far, far more dangerous, and far, far more deadly, then we just keep paving the road to our own serfdom.

And once we reach our destination? We will be less safe, less free, and less prosperous.

And yet we speed down that road like Thelma and Louise ... knowing the result. And doing it anyway.

Let freedom ring.

He's not heavy, he's my tenth cousin.

According to The New England Historic Genealogical Society, newly elected Senator Scott Brown and President Barack Obama are 10th cousins.

Back in 2008,
"the society discovered that Obama is related to seven prior presidents, including George H. W. Bush, George W. Bush, Jimmy Carter, Gerald Ford, Lyndon Johnson, Harry S. Truman and James Madison. They also learned he was related to Hollywood actor Brad Pitt."
Perhaps we are not all brothers in the literal sense. It appears, however, we may all be tenth cousins.

The "news" and the truth rarely intersect

Compare these two headlines about the same meeting:

"Gloves off for GOP, Obama
A forum meant to tone down rancor instead turns up the ill will"


The first is the Denver Post headline of an Associated Press story. The second is from the New York Times' coverage of the same event.

These disparate views of a singular meeting gives one pause. Do not trust the "news" until you have had the opportunity to review as many different accounts of the event as possible.

Then doubt it some more.

(I didn't link to the Post story because the online version has a different headline now. I have picture of the headline in the hard copy of the paper that was delivered to my house.)

The 23rd Psalm - New Progressive Version

Obama is my President; I shall not want.

He maketh me to lie down while I could be working: he leadeth me beside the labor unions.

He restoreth my mortgage with other peoples' money: he leadeth me in the paths of progressiveness for his name's sake.

Yea, though I walk through the valley of Wall Street, I will fear no profit: for Obama art with me; his rod and staff they give me the fruit of the labor of others.

Obama preparest a table before me in the presence of those that paid for it: Obama anointest my head with earmarks; my cup runneth over.

Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life: and I will dwell in the house of Obama for ever.

The opposition party can be so .... opposing.

According to the Associated Press (Obama, GOP go toe-to-toe and trade barbs):

President Barack Obama chastised Republican lawmakers Friday for opposing him on taxes, health care and the economic stimulus.

The opposition party opposes him. Stop the presses.

I am no psychiatrist, but I did go to college with some friends who took Psych 101. Obama's behavior seems to represent serious narcissism. He can not mentally process that anyone could possibly disagree with him.

Governing would be so much easier if he could just do whatever he wanted. If only he controlled the House of Representatives and had a filibuster proof majority in the Senate, he could accomplish so much!

Oh, wait..... never mind.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Jane Norton defends her support of Ref C

According to an article by John Tomasic of the Colorado Independent ("GOP Senate candidate Norton goes on the record: ‘I’ve not been a lobbyist’"), Republican Senate candidate Jane Norton recently explained her support of Referendum C when she was Lieutenant Governor thusly:
She explained her vote in favor of the Colorado Referendum C tax increases, referencing the state’s Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights. “Referendum C was TABOR in action. I was part of an administration that cut taxes 43 times…. But when revenues fell by 17 percent and we instituted across the board spending cuts, froze capital expenditures– all the things the governor knew would be important to get our budget on track and balanced, he decided to go to a vote of the people, and that’s the beauty of Ref C: It allows you to do that. So the people spoke on that… I’m a strong supporter of TABOR… unlike what’s happening with Gov. Ritter in circumventing the people’s will.”

What she says is accurate. TABOR allows for increased taxes if the voters approve of the increase. Ref C asked the voters to let the state government raise taxes, and it passed.

Her criticism of Ritter is also accurate. He is trying to raise taxes without seeking voter approval in violation of TABOR.

She dodges the important point, however. By supporting Ref C, she supported higher taxes.

And that, my friends, is the point.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Tancredo trashes Jane Norton, John McCain at R Block event

I attended an R Block Party event this evening at the Old Mill Brewery in Littleton.

The highlight of the event was the fireworks provided by former U. S. Representative and Republican presidential candidate Tom Tancredo. He railed against recent Republican presidential nominee John McCain as a big government, liberal Republican.

But he did not stop there. He painted former Lt. Governor and current Colorado Republican candidate for U. S. Senate Jane Norton with the same can of paint. Tancredo professed his belief that McCain is doing his best to recruit big government Republican candidates throughout the country, including Norton, in an effort to continue his failed statist legacy. Tancredo said Norton fits the McCain mold, and that he could not support her candidacy.

Tancredo made it clear he thinks neither McCain nor Norton believe in conservative principles.

Tancredo said he supports Weld County D.A. Ken Buck in the Republican race for the Senate nomination.

Of his failed bid for the Presidencey, Tancredo told the crowd of about 60 activists that he never for a second thought he would win. He said his presidential campaign was a tool to educate the country on the problem of illegal immigration.

Nikki Mata and Lori Horn, as usual, did a tremendous job organizing the event, which was focused on educating activists on the caucus process. Several people had the opportunity to speak, including the candidates in attendance. Dan Maes, candidate for governor, Polly Lawrence, candidate for state House District 44, Derec Shuler, candidate for state Senate District 34, and Lora Thomas, candidate for Douglas County coroner, were among the candidates who addressed the audience.

Nikki and Lori were even kind enough to give me, as the President of the public advocacy group the Gadsden Society, the opportunity to say a few words about the Colorado legislative process and how to keep advised on pending bills. I recommended everyone follow state Rep. Kent Lambert on Twitter for his updates on the state budget process.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Reject the myth.

"It’s NOT Left vs Right,

It’s the State vs You!”

This is my new favorite bumper sticker. It sums up all that is wrong with the political dialogue in this country.

All too often, even libertarians* fall into this trap. I routinely mock statists, and I do not care where the statists fall on the traditional “left/right” or "Republican/Democrat" line. Recently, I mocked statists Keith Olberman and Rachel Maddow for their reactions to the election of statist Scott Brown as the new senator from Massachusetts.

Immediately, I was accused of being “pro-Republican” because I mocked two leftists. That criticism is a complete non-sequitur and is total tripe.

Worse than that, however, it shows how entrenched the “left vs. right” falsehood really is. Those that believe in the “left vs. right” myth honestly think that if someone mocks the “left” then they must be on the “right.”

It is our job as libertarians to destroy this myth.

To that end, I no longer use the words “left” and “right.” Using the words perpetuates the myth and gives the lie credence. I use the words “statist” and “libertarian.” (Of course, the Nolan Chart graphically demonstrates the distinction.)

We, as believers in freedom and liberty, understand that both the “left” and “right” are statist. Therefore there is no need to distinguish the two. They are statist. We are libertarian.

Statists believe in the initiation of force to achieve political ends. Libertarians do not.

Statists believe in the power of the government over the individual. Libertarians believe in the power of the individual over the state.

Statists are wrong. Libertarians are correct.

I ask you all to join me in this mission. Refuse to acknowledge any important difference between the “left” and the “right.” There is none.

Do not even use the words “left” and “right.” Reject the lie.

Embrace the truth. Embrace liberty. Fight the expansion of statism, no matter what purported “direction” it comes from.

And let freedom ring.

*To my Republican friends on the PPC, in this article, the term "libertarian" could very well be read as a reference to the philosophy. I add this footnote in an attempt to head off the otherwise anticipated criticism of being "partisan." Of course, there is no place for partisanship on the PPC.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Big Government Republican Scott Brown

This was written by Justin Longo, Legislative Director for the Libertarian Party of Colorado. I am reposting.

Thanks to State Chair Dave Williams for highlighting this Washington Post article on the newly elected Republican Senator from Massachusetts Scott Brown. Little does the author know it, but this WashPost piece is a shining example of the failure of the left / right dichotomy and why the Libertarian Party should be taken seriously. Why? Just take a look at this:

"Scott Brown said he expects to be seated quickly in the U.S. Senate, but he was conciliatory on the question of what he will do there, noting that he voted for universal health insurance coverage in Massachusetts and wanted his election to encourage a new bipartisanship in Washington." [emphasis mine]

And this gem here:

"We're past campaign mode: I think it's important for everyone to get some form of health care," Brown told a news conference Wednesday morning. "So to offer a basic plan for everybody I think is important. It's just a question of whether we're going to raise taxes, we're going to cut a half at trillion from Medicare, we're going to affect veterans' care. I think we can do it better." [emphasis mine]

So here we have your typical socialist believing that every American DESERVES health coverage and that his version of socialism is "better.

Explain to me again what the difference between Republicans and Democrats are? Explain to me why voting for the "lesser of two evils" is any better than voting your conscience? As far as I can tell, we did get the lesser of two evils -- we got the one who believes he can coerce you "better."

Of course I'm preaching to the choir, but I think it is important to bring articles like this to light. I know how difficult it can be to be a Libertarian when everyone around you is encouraging evil and telling you your guy or gal cannot win. Do me a favor and bring this article up. Add this to your bag of tricks and don't let a socialist tell you that you favor a lost cause. Because the reality is simply this: supporting evil is ALWAYS a lost cause. You get what you deserve every single time.

Thanks for listening,

Justin Longo

Legislative Director, Libertarian Party of Colorado

"Whoever wishes peace among peoples must fight statism." -Mises

Monday, January 18, 2010

Staggering ignorance from the left.

This morning a caller on David Sirota's "progressive" radio talk show said that the Haitian tragedy is proof that a libertarian government would always fail because the Haitians didn't have any building codes.

The ignorance behind that statement is staggering.

Haiti is not a libertarian government. It is a corrupt authoritarian regime.

They are opposites. Antonyms. Diametrically opposed.

Sirota let the statement pass without correction. He knows better.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

There is no pendulum.

In today's paper, the Denver Post's Kevin Vaughan analyzes the Colorado political scene after Governor Bill Ritter announced he would not seek reelection. ("Ritter's decision throws Colorado into political upheaval once again.")

Regarding a potential Republican comeback in 2010, Vaugh quotes former state Sen. Mike Feeley, a Democrat, "I think it's inevitable that the pendulum swings back the other way."

There is no pendulum.

Instead of movement from one side all the way to the other, political shifts are more akin to a mother moving her infant from one arm to the other. There is a slight shift, but the baby is never far from the teat.

The mother notices the difference, but the baby doesn't.

Friday, January 08, 2010

2010 Colorado Governor prediction

If Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper decides to run for Colorado Governor, Scott McInnis and the Republicans will lose.

Irrespective of politics, many people vote for someone they like. To quote Jules Winnfield, "Personality goes a long way."

Hickenlooper comes across as a nice, pleasant, likable guy. McInnis, well.... doesn't.


Reposted with permission

By Doug Newman

Originally posted at http://www.thefot.us/leftwing.html

The mainstream media – including Fox News, Limbaugh and the big-time media that calls itself "Christian" – would have you think that the grand battle is between the left and the right.

This is such a lie.

Here are some examples.

GW Bush outspent Clinton by $1 trillion per year and continued every last federal welfare program – and added a few of his own – and left-wingers hated him.

Obama has continued all of Bush’s wars – and added a few more – and right-wingers hate him.

Left-wingers say they support civil liberties, yet look the other way while Obama continues with the Bush surveillance state.

Right-wingers say they support individual freedom, yet have no apparent problem with rogue police and the fact that America has the world’s highest incarceration rate.

Left-wingers want us to panic and give up our freedom out of fear of global warming.

Right-wingers want us to panic and give up our freedom out of fear of terrorism.

Left-wingers say they are tolerant, but want to stifle public expressions of Christianity.

Right-wingers oppose Obamacare because it puts medical decisions in the hands of the government, yet they get their undies in a bunch about the idea of legal medical marijuana.

Left-wingers want to regulate how fast your toilet can flush.

Right-wingers want to ban online poker.

The left has its limousine liberals.

The right has its chicken hawks.

The left has Bill Clinton, Ted Kennedy, John Edwards and countless others.

The right has Newt Gingrich, Rudy Giuliani, John McCain and countless others.

No matter which wing gets the upper hand in government, the result is the same: perpetuation of the welfare-warfare-police-nanny state.

As Butler Shaffer once wrote, “Left and Right are only two wings on the same bird of prey.”

The hypocrisy is endless.

In the words of REM, elections anymore are just tournaments of lies.

As I wrote just before the 2008 election:Ultimately, the same people run the show. They set up this false left-right paradigm and get people fighting endlessly over meaningless junk. There is a great line in Macbeth about "a tale Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, Signifying nothing." The real problem is not the media, Washington, Hollywood, etc. The real problem is that so many people are so willing to believe what their chosen spinmeisters tell them, no matter how absurd.

The grand battle is between liberty and tyranny. I woke up to this in late 1991.

When will you wake up?

Today's newspeak translation

So much of society is entrenched in statist Orwellian newspeak, it is helpful to be reminded what words actually mean.

Today's newspeak translation comes straight off a front page headline of the Denver Post. The headline states

The subhead says

"The state must borrow hundreds of millions from Uncle Sam
to keep its unemployment-insurance fund afloat."

This, of course, is a blatant misrepresentation. Or, to be less kind, a damned lie.

An accurate, and even truthful, headine would say

"Colorado jobless fund needs more taxpayer money."

The translated subhead should read

"The state must get hundreds of millions of dollars that the federal government
already took from you to keep its unemployment-benefit program afloat."

This translation is provided as a public service by BlueCarp.

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

A simple lesson

Los Angeles Times columnist Doyle McManus, in a column published in the Denver Post today, does a great job illustrating the lack of communication between government intelligence agencies.

Regarding the failed attempt to blow up a plane on Christmas day, he quotes U.S. Rep. Jane Harman (D-Calif.):

"If my credit card company can figure out that I didn't buy a pair of tennis shoes in Columbus, Ohio, the intelligence community ought to be able to figure out that something was wrong with this picture."

Well, Representative Harman, your credit card company is part of the private sector. It must provide a competitive service, or go out of business. Indeed, it must make a profit. The way to make profit is to please costumers.

The intelligence community has no such incentive.

Sunday, January 03, 2010

But I thought the government didn't have enough money.

From the Associated Press:

DENVER (AP) -- Colorado Gov. Bill Ritter does not have a staff photographer - but he has billed taxpayers more than $200,000 to hire outside contractors and pay for photographs, videos and TV ads promoting his accomplishments since June 2008, including videos of him receiving a "Father of the Year" award and a press conference naming his friend, Michael Bennet, to a U.S. Senate seat.

Until nonsense like this goes away, statists can save their tears about a lack of government money and the need for more taxes.

The government need for more money is a lie.